Dear Voter,

Elections have consequences.

Your vote matters. It matters to you. It matters to your family. It matters to your community.

Since the last federal election, we have witnessed a greater polarization in our society.

Some feel the 2020 election was unfair. Some stormed the Capitol building threatening members of both parties—and even threatening to hang the Vice-President of the United States. Most recently, the attack on the private residence of the Speaker of the House which nearly took the life of her husband was yet another milepost of our slide into political and social chaos.

It is time for this to end. It is time for us to unite. It is time for us to heal.

We urge all Americans to call on “our better angels,” to fiercely debate the issues which matter to us and elect those who we feel will best represent us, but all in a civil manner reflecting our shared values as a nation.

This Election Day, and on those to follow, let us celebrate the right to vote, the results of the outcome, and by so doing, honor and respect the integrity of our poll workers.

And let us endeavor to once more work together, without rancor, by respecting one another in this great democratic experiment that we have inherited from our ancestors.

Let them say, in future generations, that on our watch and at this time, we did our part to uphold our common values, allow for the free expression of ideas without threats of violence, and did our best to pass on this precious legacy to our children that was given so freely to us.

Common sense. Common decency. Common respect for the Common good.

Ashtabula County Democratic Party